Mystery Of The Algorithms: Google’s Tailors, At Your Service

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Joe has a Friday afternoon ritual of going to restaurants to eat his favorite meal, an onion soup followed by a nice and juicy steak. By all means, Joe’s a self-proclaimed classic kind of guy.

When Joe goes to a new restaurant, he isn’t looking forward to surprises. He expects to get just the right thing and nothing else. A sure way to annoy him would be to serve him a carrot soup and a pork chop, just because he obviously likes to eat soup and meat. Understandable it is, of course. How hard can it be to provide what he has asked for? “When I order steak, steak is what I want”, mumbles Joe to himself, shutting the doors after yet another dissatisfying trip to an unknown cafeteria. “Don’t give me steak sprinkled with pineapple juice just to charge me more. If I wanted pineapple, I would have ordered one.”

So, after experimenting, Joe always comes back to his regular venue. The staff there are already familiar with his taste. Not only do they cook a good old-fashioned soup and steak for him. They also know the way he likes his chocolate mousse prepared, so they serve it to him, and please him even more with a free cup of coffee. Familiar with his taste, the waiter would even dare offer him a new dish every now and then, being nearly 100% sure that he would like it. It’s a safe bet because it’s based on the affinities Joe has already shown.

Never disappointing. Never spamming Joe with what he didn’t ask for. Never trying to make more money of him than he’s willing to spend. Never trying to make dirty deals that they would give him free meals if he brought 10 more people along.

Google is your chef, and algorithms are the recipes

If you’re a businessman who has hired an agency to do the digital marketing thing for you, you might have experienced the following situation. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, until something broke and your rankings suddenly dropped below the freezing point.

What happened? Nothing unusual. Rankings go up and down. The rules of the game change, and we are supposed to adapt to them.

Who’s to blame? Should we blame the guys from Google? They introduce changes and updates to the algorithms all the time. They just never stop startling us, surprising us, giving us adrenaline rushes and a run for our money.

But let’s be honest and fair: there’s no need to be mad at those guys. They are just trying to improve the service, in order to separate good content from bad. They try to reward people who promote their content using honest means, and punish those who wear black hats. Not literally, of course, but use the so-called black-hat techniques.

If you’re a businessman who has hired an agency to do the digital marketing thing for you, you might have experienced the following situation. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, until something broke and your rankings suddenly dropped below the freezing point.


So, algorithms try to work out the best possible solutions to our problems. They act as almighty judges of all things published on the Internet. They sort them out and decide what will end up on my plate when I ask a question. So, the machine isn’t about the machine. It’s about users. It’s trying to understand their behavior and needs. All Google has ever done was to try and discredit spammy content, as well as disable dishonest means to trick its algorithms. The machine is striving to become artificial intelligence, always at our service (maybe it is going to outsmart us eventually, but let’s not think about such dystopic scenarios just yet).

Every specialty has its secret ingredients

And the chef’s not gonna wanna reveal the whole process.

We cannot expect from Google to uncover what’s happening behind the scenes, but a good thing is that we can often guess the direction they’re heading. (Right now, for example, they are going mobile.)

Algorithms undergo approximately a few hundred changes each year. Most of those changes are nearly unnoticeable, but every now and then a major one strikes and shakes the world of SEO.

By sorting out the results for you and giving priority to some over the others, Google vouches for their quality and relevance to your query. It’s their responsibility to pick up and serve the dish you asked for, rather than one that doesn’t really suit your taste, or is unnecessary, or downright awful to you.

Basically, the fact that Google has been accused of having its search algorithms prioritize fake news over the accurate ones, and tolerate hatred because of the way people usually phrase their queries, confirms that Google was made for people. If a great number of people is misinformed or prejudiced, to say the least, it isn’t Google’s fault. The accusations can, however, gain some moral grounds if Google doesn’t do anything to suppress the hate speech, spread of misinformation etc. According to their own explanation, algorithms don’t do the job on their own, without a human hand intervening. The living and breathing employees are trying to control the process, but it is far too large and complex, as every day brings a majority of new searches, which occupy up to 15% of all the queries.

We can believe the honesty of their claims, as they definitely don’t use double standards.

There are two important factors which are not always compatible, and are even expressing a tendency to be mutually exclusive. The first factor is the quality of backlinks, which means that Google will deem your content valuable and reward it with high rankings if a reputable website links to it. The other one are social signals, that is user engagement, which is often very high when it comes to fake or trashy, or otherwise undesirable content. Google has yet to find a way to make a balance between these tendencies.

We are waiting for the new algorithm changes all the time. While we wait, it’s best to keep in mind what the algorithms are all about: the user experience. The machines can get smarter only by imitating people. We can get better only by listening to our customers. Let’s not spam our Joe with what he doesn’t want. Google’s trying not to do it either. By doing that, we’ll get in line with both Joe and Google.

We care about our customers. Give us a try and schedule a free consultation.

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