These 8 Productivity Tips Will Make Your Business Thrive

Confucius reportedly said that if you turn your job into a hobby (or a hobby into a job), you won’t have to work another day in your life. Of course, he didn’t use the word “hobby”. He probably didn’t use the word “job” either. (Maybe it wasn’t really him that said that, after all.) Anyhow… […]

How To Overrun Your Competition By Educating Your Customers

Or: Other Just Sell. You Should Sell By Educating Your Customers Competition is the scariest word in the business dictionary. God forbid it were the only one. There’s one more terrifying notion that keeps us up at night. It’s the fact that the ways of this world are rapidly changing. But instead of trembling at […]

8 Dos and Don’ts of Effective Guest Blogging

Marketers have spoiled it. Marketers have spoiled each and every good idea that has ever roamed the earth. Before you start throwing rocks at me, let me explain first. Marketers have this inclination for spoiling good ideas because they tend to exploit them massively and in such horrendous ways that sooner rather than later they […]

Things Everybody Needs To Know About Brand Protection

We have a sincere wish for you: To have someone steal from you at least once in your career. We wholeheartedly wish this to happen to all the readers of this article. Not because we are spiteful or because we disregard the honest efforts of business people to establish their unique and recognizable brands. We […]

Is Quora the new CEO of SEO?

As one of the fastest growing QnA platforms, with over 100 million unique monthly visitors, Quora is becoming a real hot topic between SEO enthusiasts. Founded in June 2009, it has quickly become popular among English speaking countries and India. Quora has approximately 200 million profiles created, which makes it the Brazil of the World […]

We Dare You Not To Click! How To Combine Cute Pet Images With Marketing

Let’s imagine we’re making a commercial right now. Everyone knows that milk is good for their children’s health. And nearly everyone would click on this gif if it was a commercial for a company which sells milk. People would click on it even if it was a commercial for a non-slippery wooden floor. I can […]

Kim Kardashian VS. Snoo, Round 1 Goes To…

Counting down seconds, patiently waiting for the judge to ring the bell; we were watching what history would call a ‘make or break’ moment. The time has finally come to see if the self-styled “Front face of the internet”, the platform with 234 million unique users (including what may be the dopest group of supporters […]

Why You Should Market Automotive To Women And Not Give Them Flowers

Last week we explained why an automotive business owners should make a shift in their marketing efforts and start speaking to millennials. Today we’ve wrapped up a couple of inspiring stories you may find useful for your automotive business. One of our most interesting and inspiring clients ever was an auto repair shop that was […]

Get The Fifth Wheel! Join The Automotive Marketing Game

“If I had simply asked people what they wanted, they would have asked me for faster horses.” Most of you will recognize the author of this quote. He also said this. “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things […]

Make it or Break it! Instant answer to 3 Small Businesses` Marketing Misconceptions

Marketing can make or unmake (not to say break) your business these days. It isn’t just something you should consider doing if you have some spare money. It mustn’t be just another side activity. It’s something essential, that will make you float on the pond’s surface, rather than sink down into invisibility, darkness, and, consequently, […]