Counting down seconds, patiently waiting for the judge to ring the bell; we were watching what history would call a ‘make or break’ moment. The time has finally come to see if the self-styled “Front face of the internet”, the platform with 234 million unique users (including what may be the dopest group of supporters ever – with advocates ranging from Snoop Dogg himself to the multi-talented Jared Leto), can corner the 2014 “Break the Internet” Sensation, in who has the biggest reach.
What we are of course talking about is none other than the ubiquitous mascot of Reddit, Reddit’s face itself: The Intelligent and witty SNOO and the most famous SMM influencer of Armenian descent; none other than Kim Kardashian West in who can gain over tens of thousands of followers daily across various social media platforms.

Let the games begin!

Round 1 – FIGHT!

Created in 2005, Reddit has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. With Brands like Nike, Nissan, Amazon, Spotify and Red Bull actively supporting and maintaining the community and their respective brand image, the platform itself has become a very unique and highly valued area to reach out and communicate directly with the worldwide English speaking community. Consider it a coffee shop, a place for a community to socialize; always filled with knowledge-thirsty and knowledgeable people wanting to share ideas and information. Imagine walking by and overhearing a group of people talking about your favorite band and you can just casually slip into their conversation without fear of rejection.

That is how Reddit functions: there is no spam, no self-promotion, no sales. So if we are looking at marketing ourselves – Should we then give a trophy to Kim K, the Queen of Promotion?

Hell no!

Even though it has strict rules about promotion and silent ban policy, Reddit and its pal Snoo are welcoming anyone willing to contribute to the community.

So, how can we participate? First, search for a Subreddit of your interest (with over 12.000 categories you are bound to find one ;)), and start commenting, upvoting and posting questions. When the time is right upload a text or a link and see how the community responds. The Golden Rule here is to stay engaged and really offer people something unique that can actually help them and cater to their needs. A successful reddit post can give you the short term boost you need and expose your content to a much larger audience than your twitter followers or Facebook followers ever could (unless you happen to be Kim, of course).
At this stage of the bout, even though we have said very little about our Lady contestant, mentioning the combined number of over 200 million followers across her SMM accounts, the constant growth of over 10,000 followers per day and the massive reach of her posts, we could say that Kim may be in a close lead here.

It is not over yet.

Let’s sum up what Reddit can do for you which Kim cannot:

1. You can Use Reddit for free, build up your brand and reach out to your target audience;
2. Get massive exposure, again for free;
3. Get leads for your business;
4. Link-build – Links on Reddit become “do follow” links after they receive a score of two or greater (score = upvotes – downvotes);
5. Do Extensive Market Research;
6. Advertise;
7. Create joint Brand Campaigns like Nissan and Amazon;
8. Do you need any more reasons???

Right now we could call it a tie. Even though Kim’s exposure is higher (wink wink), you will need a massive amount of US dollars to invest in your campaigns.

We recommend using Reddit for now and in follow up blogs you may see how Snoo ranks against new opponents. All of us here at Iuvo are willing to help with, well, maybe not reaching Kim K traffic, but higher numbers for sure. Let us know who you would like to see in the ring next, post a comment and we’ll see you next week.

“We are growing like wildfire, and I think a lot of those bans and the censorship are really propelling our growth, people are looking for a new alternative as their voices have been shut up.” Reddit CEO Steve Huffman

Round 2 awaits!!!

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