Iuvo’s Digital Digest #1: Will Facebook Digitalize Reality First?


Hey there our darling marketing folks!

Big explanatory articles are great, which is why we write them all the time. But there’s something equally hot, if not hotter – and that is news.

That’s why we decided to establish a new rubric devoted to the latest news from the digital realm. We’ll collect them and curate them for you, with commentaries from our own digital unicorn perspective.

All discussions are welcome, so don’t hesitate to tune in and add whatever we’ve missed (though we will do our best not to miss anything).

Facebook threatens to drive the competition crackers

Whenever Mark Zuckerberg has something to say, his giant competitors go bonkers, not to mention the whole world. Everybody is so overinfluenced by Facebook that we get upset with every new announcement.

According to Facebook’s CEO, there will be a huge retaliation against smartphones in the decade to come. After all, the world is lame when you have to have a special contraption to perform your daily calls, check your email and do your internet browsing. Why bother doing it at the dawn of an entirely new age of augmented reality (AR)?

Zuckerberg announced this warning at the F8 conference.

But there is a very interesting thing that lays beyond the surface of Zuckerberg’s stentorian announcement. What will the competition do? Google and Apple are not joking, and unlike Facebook, they keep their biggest surprises a secret.

They are in the quiet mode now, but their shushing won’t last forever. An answer will probably strike us one of these days.

We’ll know when it happens – and not 10 years before.

Snapchat snaps at Facebook with their AR lenses

See that nice little dandelion near the tree? Puke a rainbow at it! Or plant another one and watch it bloom in a second.

Until people learn how to literally puke rainbows and “OMGs”, they will need the Snapchat app and the new world lenses option.

The Lenses aren’t a new feature – they were added last year, but now they have even more options that make this world at least cooler, if not prettier.

Now, both Facebook and Snapchat boast of introducing the AR. Whereas Snapchat was the first to do it, Facebook will now open their Camera Effects Platform to developers, so they can contribute to the competition – which they also disclosed at the F8 conference.

Youtube is the coolest brand (so sayeth the teen)

Actually, it’s way cooler than Vice, Nike, and even Facebook.

The #2 place holds Netflix, with Google being only the third.

(That being said, Facebook isn’t deemed cool anymore. It’s more of a habit to check, but not a place to hang out.)

The Generation Z gang – those weird kids who were born in the internet era and are now coming of age to become customers – took part in Google’s research “It’s lit: A guide to what teens think is cool”.

The aforementioned info are what the results of this research, and they are definitely going to awaken some brands to an unpleasant surprise. Really, even Vice is not cool now?!

But these are not the only precious information for us. Mind this, marketers: Facebook as a social network is followed by none other than Google Plus! Even 42% of the toddlers that took part in the research actively use this social network, more than Twitter (35.4%) and even more than the colorful Pinterest (26.6%)!

Harden up your security with (compulsory) SSL, or else…

Yup, Google is bragging again about how secure they want our websites to be. It’s no news, it’s been going on for a few years now.

They’ve already introduced the “Non secure” inscription via Chrome, making sure that everybody would know you haven’t purchased the certificate. At the moment, this label will decorate only websites with password and credit card fields. But as of October 2017, this will pertain to all the websites requiring “any type of data” and on all HTTP pages visited in incognito mode.

Is Google gonna target job seekers?

LinkedIn has proven to be a great tool for finding a job, but for millions of unemployed the quest could be even easier if Google would develop their own job portal.

And they seem to be doing so, at least according to Dan Shure’s findings which then got deepened by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land.

Now, if you try to Google “jobs online”, as Shure did, chances are you won’t see what he saw. This was obviously just another traffic experiment that was random and totally haphazard.

Of course, we can’t expect any more information from Google itself, as those folks like to keep all of the changes secret until the very last moment. They always say things like: we do test all the time in order to make the UX better.

Nevertheless, we hail this decision. Goodbye recruitment agencies!

Do you agree with the Z generation that Facebook has become lousy, or maybe you admire it more than ever? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Reply

    With so much focus on innovation, I think FB will still have it chance with Gen Z. It’s a norm that wouldn’t go out of trend.

    • Reply

      We do agree on that with you. Do you think SNapchat or Instagram have equal chances?

  2. Reply

    It feels like a race to see who is going to innovate the most, the quickest. Once VR is fully integrates, that will be the biggest technological advancement in a decade, honestly. I can see why Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc are all trying to get there first.

    • Reply

      We strongly agree with that. It is a race that is entering its final lap. 🙂

  3. Reply

    It surprises me that even toddlers are using social media. Kids are growing up too fast.

    • Reply

      It is a bit scary when you think about it. When did yo first start using social media?

    • Jay Colby
    • May 22, 2017

    Great information. I’m not surprised that Facebook/Instagram made their own version.

    • Reply

      Yes, they are trying to upgrade its other leverages in our opinion. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • robin rue
    • May 22, 2017

    I still love Snapchat, but they had to know that it was only a matter of time before Facebook/Instagram came up with their own version.


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