As one of the fastest growing QnA platforms, with over 100 million unique monthly visitors, Quora is becoming a real hot topic between SEO enthusiasts.

Founded in June 2009, it has quickly become popular among English speaking countries and India. Quora has approximately 200 million profiles created, which makes it the Brazil of the World Wide Web community. With these utterly flashy stats, can we use this pot of gold for our own marketing purposes, or is the pot too good to be true?

Science Behind It

Quora, originally founded by former Facebook employees, doesn`t approve of any direct marketing and link building activities. Links in the answers are marked no follow, so they do not pass link juice or any direct SEO benefits. We looked up dozens of questions, trying to find one with a link posted in the question itself, but could not find such an example. Most likely, links in questions have the no follow tag applied as well.

Even though this side of the pot is unavailable for us muggles, there might be a way to get a piece of the cake.

Indirect SEO benefits may be obtained any time someone is talking about your site, your products or services. Brand recognition thus gets increased, which is almost always a good thing. Some SEOs theorize that no follow links may help your overall link profile by providing a broader link base. When asking questions on Quora, most of the answers will come from Quora itself, so this is quite helpful in SEO and link building.
Moreover, it is a good way for business development because you can easily generate leads by answering questions.

One of our employees decided to check these possibilities out and as a result got a massive growth and exposure of her blog. Truth be told, Quora is a very sophisticated platform: one that people go to with a need for answers or solutions to their problems, with the community built in such a way that there is always someone listening, ready to help.

With marketing topic hitting almost 6 million followers it may be a bee hive if used properly.

Effective Tips

As a gift to you, we, here at TheIuvo created 5 tips on how to effectively SEO at Quora:

1. Respond to popular post/questions in Quora, or new ones. Give detailed answers and put a link either towards your website or blog and make sure you finish with a call to action.
2. Follow and follow back others
3. In the beginning, you will have to create a blog and post something on daily basis. Be consistent.
4. Position yourself as an expert
5. Post step-by-steps and remember you can really help people

If you manage to this right, we promise you the return of investment will make it worth it. For detailed advice you can find our contact in the far right corner (no worries it’s not that far 😉 Quora may not yet reach the status of the grand CEO but it sure is on a good path towards it.

”I have a view that if you build something that’s good, and you keep making it better, it lasts.” Adam D’Angelo, Quora CEO

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