Have You Made Your New Year’s Business Resolutions?

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You’ve probably gone through at least a dozen articles containing useful or less useful holiday tips for more happiness, success, productivity, etc.

Be it just an occasional shot of optimism, or another set of promises that are being made so we would have something to avoid, let’s swallow the pill and try to be enthusiastic about them even after January 15. Holidays are beyond, and we need to work on our resolutions. Now that the euphoria is over, let’s try not to bail on ourselves. We offer you a set of promises that actually aren’t hard to keep. If you don’t want to keep them voluntarily, the outer forces will make you do it.

Thou shalt increase your marketing budget

According to Mark Timberlake, entrepreneur and online marketing instructor, small companies that have just embarked on their business journey should allocate up to 80% of their budget on their marketing efforts!

This is not outrageous. It’s pure logic. It is necessary for anyone who doesn’t want to drown in the informatic ocean. Too much information means too much noise. Therefore, I only need services or products I’ve heard of. Spamming me with TV commercials won’t help you grab my attention, as it did back in the 90’s. Now it’s useless (and so expensive). Now I just know better. Finding me where I am will help. Offering me what I already want, because I want it, will help both you and me. So, try to think of me, your customer. I am not my money’s worth. I am a person who has affinities and needs. You should discover me

If you are an established business, you should spend “only” 20% of your resources on marketing.

Thou shalt commit to blogging

Words, words, words. Be it words transposed to images, or images moving on the screen, words are at the root of everything. The sheer power of words hasn’t lost the battle and never will. Yes, you should always stay in touch with trends and ways to make it all look better, to make your content more digestive and attractive, etc.

Blogging is one of the essentials of any marketing effort. It will strengthen your Google rankings and help you convert leads. On the top of all, it will help you establish a name in your industry if done correctly. Don’t even consider it. Grab a pen, or hire someone to do it for you.

Thou shalt strive for (more) creativity

You know the pattern. Writing a blog post calls for an appropriate illustration. What’s more natural than picking a stock photo of a busy guy sitting in his cosy office with a cup of coffee and a Macbook? Something like this.

It’s an omnipresent temptation to use every chance to show just how busy and professional we are. But the truth is, we can do better than that. Busy doesn’t mean productive or interesting.
In today’s world every detail calls for wit and creativity. Although this is one of the most frequent and usual recommendations, its importance can’t be stressed enough.

Thou shan’t waste anyone’s time running unproductive meetings

Meetings are toxic. Not only are they often boring. They are also a tremendous waste of time. They hijack your time and energy. Not just yours, but everyone’s.

This may sound a little bit shocking if you haven’t read “Rework”, the New York Times Business Best Seller book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. It’s one of the most influential business books to this day. The reason it has been so highly appreciated is because it deconstructs the usual preconceptions that business people think they cannot do without.

Hand in hand with this goes the recommendation to stop writing boring reports that no one needs or reads, as well as making long to-do lists.

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