Do Stars Need Social Media Strategies?

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As a business owner, you likely use social media to achieve certain strategic initiatives. This means your posts shouldn’t all be about your company or even your industry – sometimes it’s good to go a bit off-topic, in order to get some attention. You want to keep the audience entertained.


Here are the three basic things to do before you start working on promoting your page:

• Determine whether the time you’re putting into social media is paying off (e.g. new leads, new sales, etc.)

• Discover what content is most effective with your audience, so that you can deliver more of the stuff they like and less of what they don’t.

• Learn how to track the metrics, so that you can be strategic about when you schedule posts.

Following the biggest names on social media can be fun, but you can also learn marketing strategies from these social media rock stars. First of all, the biggest social stars tend to be incredibly active on their platform. You don’t need to be on every platform in order to interact effectively with your audience.

Be mindful of what will happen if you decide to take a stand. If your views venture into controversial areas, you’ll likely experience backlash. As for small business owners, it is typically recommended to avoid weighing in on controversial and polarizing topics.

What is the secret strategy to being a social media rock star? To become one, you try a combination of three important things:

• Create authentic and helpful content
• Share and comment on others content
• Every conversation does not have to be a precursor to a sale – let it just be a conversation

People like it when you actually talk to them – try to interact whenever you can and also, pay attention to be responsive to messages.

As for choosing the platform, the wisest choice is to focus on Facebook, which is the biggest social media site in terms of monthly active users (last published as 845 million). When compared with other social media platforms, Facebook has achieved an even more impressive percentage of mindshare. Facebook captures 14.6% of Internet users’ time compared to a combined 2% for all other social networking sites and keeps the average user onsite for 7 hours each month.

You totally want all the attention you can get there.

To achieve that, everyone needs a strategy. Behind a social media rock star, there’s a well-thought set of planned actions and deeds, done for the sake to get the business going. If you’re new to social media marketing you might believe that a few blog posts, daily, random status updates, and a healthy number of “followers” and “likes” are going to magically grow your business.
The truth is that this stuff takes real planning and dedication; and they take the time they take, but don’t worry. Just be mindful about of what the social media analytics say, but don’t overstress about numbers – be social and try to have fun.

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